A fish that walks on two legs. Opps, sorry I mean the tail. 
Although Finn is small, he is more courageous than Olly. 
Finn is Olly's best friend and always give encouragement to Olly.
The cool fish in town.

Olly is a timid crocodile who is self-conscious about his own's image. He is afraid of trying things on his own. Olly yearns for having friends.

​Meet The Squad


Bill is a man of few words
He works at a craft shop where he met different animals and made friends with them.
Bill has a talent in art and crafts and is well-loved by all the animals despite being a quiet guy.

Stuart is an outgoing panda who likes to make new friends. He often come out with new suggestions and ideas although none of his suggestions ever work as a useful solution.
Stuart is partially albino but that does not stop him from going under the sun to have fun.

Mavie is a sweet cat who loves to bake and make presents. 
While Mavie looks like a cute girl next door, she has a special talent in martial arts and often help her friends in trouble.